Reaching goals with enthusiasm

academia is...
We identify customer needs and offer individual training solutions.
academia offers well-founded instruction by qualified and convincing teachers.
Teaching as well as administrative support and educational consultation are consistently based on customer requirements.
As a specialist in education, academia manages language centres, learning centres and an international school.
all over Switzerland and local
academia works at nearby locations and is organised throughout Switzerland.
academia wants...

… customers to achieve their educational aims.

… customers to experience teaching as lively and motivating.

… all services to create a real benefit.

academia works with...
Learning out of and with passion creates enthusiasm.
Thinking, communicating and acting using various approaches, possibilities and methods to find the best solution for a customer.
reflectivity and innovation
Thinking sensitively as well as ahead about what is useful for customers to reach their learning targets.
target orientation
Learning becomes more effective when targets are aimed at.