academia guarantees quality

What quality means to us

We understand quality to mean that our customers reach their language goals with enthusiasm.

How we measure quality

Your satisfaction is our benchmark for quality control.. Your feedback regarding satisfaction with the course is collected twice a year. Both your and the teacher's assessments are documented and finally recorded in a course certificate.

What we do for good quality

Every single lesson and every single step in the processes associated with teaching has specific quality demands. We focus on the following quality criteria: needs-based focus, transparency, service-oriented and positive attitude, and the central significance of a functioning student/teacher relationship.

How we verify our quality

We are an eduQua-qualified, recognised SVEB training institute for teachers (training as an adult education provider with focus on foreign language instruction), an accredited CELTA training institute for teachers (Cambridge University training accepted worldwide), a telc test centre (particularly German), a recognised preparation centre for Cambridge tests (English), and a DELF/DALF/DFP tests (French) as well as a PLIDA test centre (Italian).



academia guarantees quality

What quality means

... in the conception phase of teaching

Needs-based focus &
transparency regarding offers and services

For private persons

A consultation (personal, by telephone or email) takes place to discuss your language goals and the available options to reach them.

You receive a booking confirmation as soon as you decide on an option.



For companies


The training requirements of your company, institution, or department are discussed in the consultation and the general terms and conditions for the participants are defined. You receive an offer in which the contents and services discussed are recorded.

As soon as we get the green light for the course we draw up an agreement including a catalogue of services, organise the necessary information material for the participants, and develop the teaching concepts and materials required to reach the defined goals.






... in the organisation phase of teaching

Transparency regarding offers and services

For private persons

The course management team finds the right teacher for you and gives you all the details regarding commencement of the course.

For companies

We organise the registration process including registration, allocation to a group, release approval of the courses to individual invitation to the course according to the requirements of the customer, and as recorded in writing.


... in the execution phase of teaching

Central significance of a functioning student/teacher relationship



Our teachers fulfil the following minimum requirements:

  • Native speaker of target language
  • Basic education in the language
  • SVEB or analogous basic pedagogical education
  • Qualified teaching experience
  • Passion for teaching


We support the continuing education of our teachers:

  • Each teacher is assessed at least once a year (lesson observation), followed by a detailed interview.
  • One to four continuing education events on relevant topics related to language teaching take place every month which can be attended by our teachers free of charge.
  • An educational management team is available for any teaching-related questions.




Our didactic methods are governed by the following principles:

  • Method diversity and hence the possibility to select and adapt methods suitable for the participant and teaching content.
  • Student-centred: Teaching is exclusively focussed on the course participants.
  • Activity-based teaching: Language is intended to facilitate active engagement of learners and hence always includes intercultural competence – the ability to interact always takes precedence over grammatical accuracy.
  • Goal orientation: Motivation and the success of a language course are significantly improved if goals are set, reviewed regularly, and reached.


Teaching materials


The educational management team collaborates with leading specialised publishers in order to be able to provide competent advice to teachers on the selection of teaching materials.




... in the evaluation phase of teaching

Needs-based focus &
transparency regarding offers and services

For private persons

You are invited to give a short online feedback by answering questions regarding your satisfaction and attainment of goals.


Your teacher also takes part in the assessment of your target achievement.


You receive a course confirmation at the end of the course.

For companies

Relevant company representatives are provided with the requested information when this is required (e.g. attendance, target achievement, test results).


Participants receive a course confirmation at the end of the course.